Partho Sarathy, one of the most promising Sarod player today

Partho Sarathy is one of the finest musicians of our country. His music embodies the true heritage of Hindustani Raagdari music. His virtuosity on the Sarod makes his exploration of Raagas an exercise in Harmony, Tranquility and his serious meditative approach makes his music literally soar to unscaled height of fulfillment.
Partho started his musical training under his father who was a disciple fo Pandit. Radhika Mohan Moitra. Partho then took lessons for nearly a decade from Ustad Dhyanesh Khan- son and disciple of the legendary Sarod maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Since 1980, Partho has been under the direct guidance of Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar, India's greatest musician.
With this long and very illustrious training under these great gurus coupled with an inherent protean creative sensibility, Partho Sarathy's music is truly a symphony in serenity. Born in 1960, Partho is based on Calcutta, the cultural mecca of India. He has been performing for the last 30 years in India and all over the world. He regularly performs in Europe and the U.S.A every year. In India, he has given concerts at all the major music festivals like Dover Lane in Calcutta, the Savai Gandharva festival in Pune, Music academy festival in Chennai, Royal Albert hall in London, Cremlin in Moscow and numerous other places in India and abroad.

Praise for Partho's performance

1. ".... Melodic excellence and total quality...." - The Times of India Ahmedabad
2. " .. One of India's most promising Sarod Players" - Kuensel, Germany
3. "... possessed great depth." The Statesman, Calcutta.
4. "... depth of the raga was complemented by his mellifluous touch". The Statesman, New Delhi.
5. "... his unhurried delineation and the sweet touches elicited repeated applause". The Times of India, Ahmedabad.
6. "... fine tapestries of note combinations and the unhurried manner in which
         he handled the raga revealed his grid over the classical style." - The Statesman, New Delhi.
7. "... immense musical depth and charm.." - The Indian Express, Ahmedabad.
8. "... nothing sort of brilliant." - The Times of India.